A squad is a formal group of no more than 8 (plus the squad owner). Squads have a POWER LEVEL which adds to each of the member’s stats and which requires an upkeep.

The POWER LEVEL can be upgraded (or decreased – yes you might want to, more on that later) by the SQUAD OWNER (or by the SQUAD ASSISTANT who is designated by the SQUAD OWNER).


Each POWER LEVEL increase requires the SQUAD OWNER or SQUAD ASSISTANT to use up NANO PACKS to pay for the upgrade

Each power level upgrade has a cost in NP’s equal to the new power level (going from Power 2 to Power 3 consumes 3 NPs, going from level 9 to 10 costs 10 NP’s, etc.).  The greater the power level, the greater the potential bonus to each of the Squad members (and Squad Owner and Squad Assistant).

NANO PACKS (NP’s) are created by converting surplus inventory which occurs automatically when squad members donate an item for the squad’s use. A squad member can donate one item (and only one) every 23 hours.


The TECH LEVEL of the donated item determines the NANO PACKS created by its conversion.  A Tech Level 1 item converts to 1 NANO PACK, a Tech Level 2 converts to 4 NANO PACKS, a Tech Level 3 converts to 9 NANO PACKS, a Tech Level 4 converts to 16 NP’s, etc.

In other words the NANO PACKS created = the Tech Level squared.  (And yes, if you happen to donate a TL 20 item, it would be worth 400 NP’s although this feat would require a long play time it is possible to do though highly improbable).


Each day at midnight (server time:  EST), the server deducts the POWER LEVEL UPKEEP.  If the UPKEEP is paid, the power is turned ON for the squad for the next 24 hours and the POWER bonus applied to member stats.  The UPKEEP cost is equal to the POWER LEVEL in NANO PACKS (e.g. a Squad with a POWER of 10 requires 10 NANO PACKS per day, a Squad with a POWER of 100 would use 100 NANO PACKS per day).

If your squad doesn’t have enough NANO PACKS at midnight EST, the UPKEEP isn’t paid for the day, no NANO PACKS are deducted and the POWER automatically turns off.  The server will try again at midnight EST 24 hours later. (Note that this is why a Squad Owner or Squad Assistant might want to decrease the POWER LEVEL if the group has been overly ambitious and has a POWER LEVEL they cannot afford to sustain).


Squad members cannot fight each other and may or may not be referrals or allies.


In the future, squad to squad battles with rankings determined weekly which increase the POWER level by percentages (50% for first place, 40% for second, 30% for third, 20% for fourth, 10% for fifth) will be added into the game.

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